UNCONQUERED. The big book of bravery

Iryna Taranenko, Dmytro Kuzmenko, Marta Leshak, Maria Vorobiova
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Нескорені. Велика книга сміливості
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The story of bravery told in this book is not yet complete. It is written every day with blood and sweat on the battlefields of the war launched by the largest nuclear power, Russia, against its smaller neighbour, Ukraine, which voluntarily gave up its nuclear arsenal almost 30 years ago in the name of peace.

Why did Russia attack Ukraine? Who are the Ukrainians? Why don't they give up? Why is it cheaper for taxpayers who are thousands of kilometres away from the war to help Ukraine than

to spend this money on other urgent needs? How did a local war in Europe affect the stability of the whole world, and why does the security of each state depend on its results?

"Unconquered: The Big Book of Bravery" answers all these questions and more about Ukraine, Russia, and the modern world, which may lose everything it has taken such a long time to gain.

550 facts about the course and consequences of the year of the bloodiest war since the Second World War. A short and simple form of presentation, dynamic illustrations, and subtle humour: the format is designed for a wide audience of readers, who want to understand what is really happening in Ukraine and why not just the fate of one state on the eastern border of the European

Union, but also the future of the world order, is at stake.

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