War for reality: How to win in the world of fakes, truths and communities

Dmytro Kuleba
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Serhiy Sviatenko
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Війна за реальність. Як перемагати у світі фейків, правд і спільнот
Дизайнерка обкладинки: Kristina Zolotariova

English Edition

The war for our emotions and choices is raging in Ukraine and the world, around and within us. The number of front lines is countless. People are at war in families, online communities, and societies. States are at war with people, companies, and each other.

How can we avoid being torn between communities and losing our sense of reality when fakes are mixed with truths and the communication war has become no less fierce than the physical war?

It is a guide to survival in the information space, it is about how manipulation and propaganda work and how to protect yourself from fakes and disinformation.

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ukrainian diplomat, and communicator, argues that information aggression can be countered. He uses real examples to explain five principles that will help to win in information wars - about relying on reality, critical thinking, managing emotions, a sense of community and interaction with the state.

This publication is not only for professional media professionals and communicators, but also for everyone who consumes content on the Internet, who uses social networks and wants to take care of their information hygiene.

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