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When was Ukraine born? Some would say in 1991, when Ukraine declared independence, and some discovered it in 2014, during the Revolution of Dignity, but in 2022, no one in the world has not heard of Ukraine's resistance. But our country's history began much earlier - more than a thousand years ago.

In the 9th century, the Kyivan state was one of the most powerful countries in Eastern Europe. Kings from France to Sweden wanted to be related to their princes and kings. Rus-Ukraine rulers had already founded Kyiv, became Christian, and built St. Sophia's Cathedral, while Moscow was still coming out of the swamp.

And no matter how hard you look, the first mention of Moscow is dated only in 1172, while Kyiv was founded in 482.

Nevertheless, the Russian Empire wanted some glory of its own, so it tried to 'steal the great Kyivan state. Peter the Great, Catherine II, Stalin, and Putin have invented thousands of myths about Kyivan Rus as the first Russian state, and started to see Russians to be the heirs of Rus' culture. Forgetting that Moscow was founded by Yuri Dolgorukiy. who happened to be the son of Volodymyr Monomakh, Grand Prince of Kyiv.

The historian Mykhailo Hrushevskyi once said, "We are the people whose name was stolen". And in the 31st year of its independence, Ukraine's future under threat to be stolen as well. Nevertheless, Ukrainians made their choice a long time ago and have been forced to prove it with blood, defending each square metre of our land.

We invite you on an amazing journey through our years of independence. its galaxies of talent, and the hard and winding path that made us unique and made us the heroes of the free world.

Iryna Taranenko, Maryna Ostrovska, Yelyzaveta Nieviezhyna, Volodymyr Arenev, Alisa Lindeman
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Travelbook. Ukraine
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Maryna Karlevits
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Travelbook. Independent - #книголав
Travelbook. Independent - #книголав
Travelbook. Independent - #книголав
Travelbook. Independent - #книголав
Travelbook. Independent - #книголав
Travelbook. Independent - #книголав
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